Mindfulness & Meditation Training for Workplaces




Workplaces are the leading source of stress and burnout. An epidemic impacting both employee well-being and business outcomes.


8 in 10

employees are stressed at work, over half say they need help with stress management

Stress-related illness cost U.S. businesses nearly

$300 billion a year



employees worldwide report feeling disconnected and disengaged at work


Research shows the biggest cause of burnout at work is not work overload or the ops tempo but it is the lack of people development and engagement. It is when your people are working too long without experiencing their own personal development or feeling connected to and supported by their team.



The Antidote:

A Culture of Connection and Deliberate Development.


You can build a workplace culture where your people’s development is woven into the daily fabric of their working life and the company’s regular operations, strategic plan, and day-to-day conversations.

A culture safe enough for people to come out of hiding, to rumble with their vulnerabilities and weaknesses, so they can realize their full human potential. Where they can bring their whole self and truly show up to help the organization achieve its growth potential.


What if a company did everything in its power to create a culture in which everyone, not just select ‘high potentials’, could overcome their own internal barriers to change and use errors and vulnerabilities as prime opportunities for personal and company growth?
— Dr. Robert Kegan, Harvard University

How We Can Help You


At Stillness Labs, we’re dedicated to helping companies transform their workplace culture through mindful leadership and ongoing people development.

We draw on the core principles of mindfulness and meditation combined with the latest research on neuroscience and behavioral change to create practical and experiential programs your company can implement on all levels of your organization.

We believe that culture is a quantifiable and engineerable asset to any company’s growth—and the most important one. Our programs will help shape your workplace culture on two levels:


Mindfulness & Leadership Training

Mindful Leadership is about finding the potential in your people, helping them see it in themselves, and having the courage to develop that potential. It begins with developing your own skills of Awareness, Resilience, and Compassion.


Culture as an Incubator of Growth

Design a culture that supports the development of all your people, every day. When everyone works on becoming the best versions of themselves and then helps others grow, in turn, the company will generate the best business outcomes.


Hey, I’m Colin Pal

Founder of Stillness Labs

I’m on a mission to change the world by transforming workplace culture. If we turned the space where people spend most of their waking time into an incubator of transformation and growth, we can unleash the human race’s potential for infinite possibilities and a profound level of happiness.

My journey here started after spending 7 years training as a Buddhist monk. I aspired to bring the practices and tools of mindfulness and meditation into the world where it is needed most. Right now, that place is here in boardrooms, offices, and workplace environments.


Companies Colin has worked with:


Thank you Colin for a very enriching, uplifting experience, each and every time! Colin is a very engaging speaker and storyteller. He’s knowledgeable, funny, helpful, and has a great voice. He emphasized the importance of mental well-being while simplifying how we can practice meditation daily in various different ways. We definitely recommend him to other organizations!
— Amy Le, HR Manager at McMillan LLP

Work With Us


We will work with you to design the best program solution to develop your people’s potential.


We understand your organization is unique, so we’ll custom build an engaging and experiential program that delivers ongoing development and sustainable results.


On-site or Virtual Workshops

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Multi-modal Curriculum Design





Digital Learning Platform

It’s not just an additive wellness program or “something extra” to support your people’s development but it’s making your workplace culture itself, the incubator for your people and company’s growth.
— Colin Pal